Market Survey of Renewable Energy Capacity Development Services in Nepal


Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC), Ministry of Environment

Project Period

May 2012 to July 2012

Project Area

Kavre, Rautahat, Dailekh

Service Area

Research, Policy Influencing

Cross Cutting Issues

Environment and Conservation

Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC) executes programs and projects under a single programme modality framework known as National Rural and Renewable Energy Pro-gramme (NRREP). This study was designed to support AEPC/NRREP, which was in the process of establishing RE capacity develop-ment facility known as “RE-Source”, by assessing the supply and demand of Renewable Energy Technology (RET) and addressing the scarcity of energy.

The specific objective of this assignment was to carry out a market study to collect baseline information about the national technical assistance (TA) and local/sub-national capacity development service (CDS) market in Nepal’s RE sector.

Key activities

In undertaking this assignment, SW Nepal team carried out key informant interviews, Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and consultations with 19 users and 21 providers (national & sub-national) of CD services such as local NGOs, CBOS, RE users’ groups, RET companies, cooperative etc.

Services provided by SW Nepal

SW Nepal’s engagement in Market Survey of Renewable Energy Capacity Development Services was mainly to:

  • Find out the various key actors involved in the delivery of CDS in the RE sector, es-pecially at sub-
    national level.
  • Assess current needs, issues and priori-ties in local CDS for the spread of RE so-lutions to underserved
    areas in Nepal.
  • Assess existing transaction mechanisms in demand and supply for the delivery of CDS in the RE sector at
    the sub-national level and prospects for improved demand based delivery of existing providers of CDS
    and/or potential new providers.
  • Specify the modus operandi of Local CDS providers.