Durable Solutions II

The Durable Solutions-II is a DFID-funded program that supports the NRA by facilitating the implementation of resettlement program to relocate the displaced households in safer areas.

Homeowner Support Project Ramechhap

A woman pours water over concrete lintel band in her home under construction.

Infrastructure Assessment in Chitwan - Annapurna Landscape

Hariyo Ban Program, funded by USAID and implemented by WWF, assigned SW Nepal to explore, identify and assess the impacts of current and planned future infrastructures in the CHAL area.
S.W. Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (Scott Wilson Nepal) at a glance
SW Nepal Pvt Ltd (Scott Wilson Nepal) is a Nepali firm registered with the government of Nepal in 2000. Its 50 plus team members cover areas of shelter, public buildings and Community Infrastructure Development  and associated livelihoods and social development.

The firm has an in-house robust Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Unit that provides participatory field surveys, evaluations and assessments of a range of social, gender and livelihoods based projects.

एस.डब्लु. नेपाल प्रा. लि. (स्कट् विल्सन नेपाल) विकासका विविध क्षेत्रमा विज्ञ सेवा प्रदान गर्ने नेपाली परामर्शदाता संस्था हो । वि. सं. २०५७ सालमा स्थापना भएको यस संस्थाको कार्यालय महाराजगंज काठमाडौंमा रहेको छ ।


We are a multidisciplinary consulting firm committed to deliver diverse services. Our track record in each area provides sustainable, innovative and cutting-edge solutions to organisations, institutions, government and individuals by helping clients to overcome the challenges through research, capacity building and policy promotion.

Latest Updates

Team Orientation- EHRP Third Party Monitoring

Scott Wilson Nepal organized 2nd round of team orientation to the Third Party Monitoring Team of Engineers at SWN Office. The orientation was conducted to develop a common and consistent understanding on the activities, outputs and goals of the Earthquake Housing...

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Au Revoir and all the best Neeta!

  Au Revoir and all the best Neeta!   Scott Wilson Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Farewell speeches are never very easy. It was a similar case for Ms. Neeta Dangol, a valued member of the Scott Wilson Nepal family. She is leaving for France to pursue her Master’s Degree in...

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Scott Wilson Nepal- A life changing experience

  Scott Wilson Nepal- A life changing experience     Er. Asmita Sharma Civil Engineer Being a fresh graduate and having no professional experience made me a little nervous while going for my interview but I was keen to enter professional engineering...

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Deego Private Limited is registered with the Government of Nepal and is a sister organization of SW Nepal Private Limited.