Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the protection of livestock from lightning strikes in the high mountain area.

Scott Wilson Nepal is preparing a detailed project report (DPR) for the protection of livestock from lightning strikes in the high mountain areas, some above 4000 m above MSL, of Karnali Province

Promoting Infrastructure Transparency in Nepal

SWN is undertaking a series of activities in March 2023 to promote Infrastructure Transparency Initiative (CoST) in Nepal.

Baseline study of building-MSMEs for the Building Energy Efficiency in Nepal (BEEN)

SWN is awarded by MinErgy Pvt. Ltd. (MinErgy) to carry out a baseline study of building MSMEs for the Building Energy Efficiency in Nepal (BEEN) project, in 60 municipalities. 

Climate Adaptation and Resilience South Asia (CARE) for South Asia

SWN is working with TRL UK for  Climate Adaptation and Resilience (CARE) for South Asia for ADPC/World Bank to assess the gap and identify issues relevant to achieving more climate-resilient road infrastructure in Nepal.

Biogas Distribution Grid Development in Kankai Municipality

Scott Wilson Nepal has been assigned by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) for the design and quality assurance/supervision of the grid-based biogas distribution system for Kankai Municipality, Jhapa.

Social and Environmental Safeguarding (SES) Expert

Scott Wilson Nepal is an Social and Environment Safeguarding (SES) Expert for Developing Climate Resilient Livelihoods (DCRL) Project.

Impact Study of Trail Bridge Sub-Sector Programme (TBSSP)

SWN in association with the National Institute of Policy Research (NIPoRe) is currently undertaking the Impact Study of Trail Bridge Sub-Sector Programme (TBSSP) in Nepal for Trail Bridge Support Unit of Helvetas Nepal

Listening Tour to Advance Locally Led Development

Listening to the most vulnerable communities in 10 Municipalities to seek local solutions

S.W. Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (Scott Wilson Nepal) at a glance

SW Nepal Pvt Ltd (Scott Wilson Nepal) is a Nepali firm registered with the government of Nepal in 2000. Its 50 plus team members cover areas of shelter, public buildings and Community Infrastructure Development  and associated livelihoods and social development.

The firm has an in-house robust Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Unit that provides participatory field surveys, evaluations and assessments of a range of social, gender and livelihoods based projects.

एस.डब्लु. नेपाल प्रा. लि. (स्कट् विल्सन नेपाल) विकासका विविध क्षेत्रमा विज्ञ सेवा प्रदान गर्ने नेपाली परामर्शदाता संस्था हो । वि. सं. २०५७ सालमा स्थापना भएको यस संस्थाको कार्यालय महाराजगंज काठमाडौंमा रहेको छ ।

Floating Wetland Treating System by the Small Earth Nepal

  Pratyush Kayastha, Research Intern Eutrophication Process, Pratuysh Kayastha, Scott Wilson Nepal, 2023 Lake pollutants such as industrial waste, agricultural waste, untreated sewage, etc. contain high concentrations of chemicals such as nitrogen (N2), ammonia...

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Deego Private Limited is registered with the Government of Nepal and is a sister organization of SW Nepal Private Limited.