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Experience in SW Nepal

Pratibha Sharma
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Pratibha Sharma
Former Staff of SWN

I am a young graduate engineering student. I have completed my bachelor degree from Paschimanchal campus, Pokhara in December 2016. I was in a need of a job soon after my graduation. That was the beginning point of my career. Then I got the opportunity to join SW Nepal .I was involved in Sajhedari Bikaas project funded by US AID which worked for the design and mainly rehabilitation works of water supply and irrigation projects on five districts of Nepal.

I was given opportunity to work in this project running at Ramechhap district of Nepal. To be honest I had no experience of working in these big projects before. At that time I even didn’t know whether I could make for this project or not. I lacked confidence at that time. I consulted with my seniors regarding the works of these projects and had a chance to learn new things with learning environment provided here. I started to learn new things as I was hungry to new ideas and new works .I had my toilsome but beautiful trip to many villages of Ramechhap districts. I learnt to tackle with real time facing difficulties during my field trip. I provided technical trainings, sessions and technical guidance to the villagers working under these projects as rural infrastructure engineer.


Project Location: Bethan VDC (Ramechhap District), Chhanga Khola Drinking water maintenance project

SW Nepal has been providing a platform for young engineers to build their personal capacity and professional development for fresh and young graduate like us. With learning environment provided, we can learn many things related to our field, we can consult with our seniors, get feedback from them. For fresh young engineers like us, new projects are real challenges as we are unaware of so many things which we cannot imagine to exist.We can learn many new things in our field with learning environment provided here.

SW Nepal provides technical guidance to the young aspiring engineers. It is taking youth zeal and energy in many infrastructure development projects and is good for national development. I appreciate the professional, training, social and personal development opportunities and professional guidance and support I have had during my tenure.I am grateful to work this office team. I wish the organization more success in the future.