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Sindhupalchowk Field Trip Experience, SW Nepal

Milan Awal
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Mr. Milan Awal
IT Assistant

After, a lot of desk job, I had an opportunity to visit Sindhupalchowk with my colleagues for a field visit. During my 5 days and 4 nights stay, I had a wonderful experience there. After the 2015 earthquake, Sindhupalchowk seems to regain its identity and prosperity now. I felt relaxed when I was there, far from the everyday crowd of Kathmandu, which was affecting my energy level at my work and social life. For an introvert person like me, it was an amazing period to engage myself with my friends from the office.

During my stay at the district, Bhotechaur was the first destination of the tour. I saw a lot of house being rebuilt. Lots of reconstruction works were being done on the continuous process. The earthquake had an adverse effect, but seeing work being done was very pleasing. People were working towards rebuilding their district. With time, people are healing from the pain caused by the devastating earthquake and I too felt that.

Traditional and Natural beauty at its best

The tour was great, refreshing, and full of hopes and dreams. I saw a hopeful beginning of new life. Everywhere the reconstruction work was going on and people were working continuously. But, still one place was left behind from being restored. Tatopani Bazar. Tatopani, was a major economic hub for Nepal for its import and export. I had a chance to visit Tatopani Bazar long before the earthquake and I can still recall memories of the place. It was a huge market with lots of goods and vehicles. I didn’t enjoy the crowd and traffic of the market but there were lots of people which reminded me of Asan Bazar of Kathmandu. It was full of life. But my recent visit to Tatopani made me absolutely stunned. I was not expecting the town to be deserted like in Hollywood movies. The place was like a still picture with no expression. It was a bit scary but the adventure was real. I felt like visiting some mysterious ghost town. People were really passive and seemed as if they had just came out of the huge trauma.

After visiting that depressing place, I was not feeling good about the tour. We headed to Golche unexpectedly, which was the best place I have seen throughout the trip. Golche had a breathtaking view of the Himalayas. The village was so attractive and beautiful, that made me forget Tatopani Bazar. This village had traditional houses and was located on the top of a big hill. The Sherpas and Tamangs were the local residents of Golche. It took an hour through the scary off-roads to reach the village which was a difficult journey. The environment was so energizing as if it healed my dizziness. Golche re-energized my spirit, my mind was filled with hope, beauty of the nature and positivity.

On the fifth day, we returned to Kathmandu with memorable life changing experiences. My field visit was extremely good with mixed experiences, new energy and peace of mind. I was not thinking about the problems that I had in my life, I was just relaxing with peaceful mind. It was like a harmonious hour before the sunrise after a stormy night. I will never forget this field trip, specially the condition of Tatopani Bazar.  It is the beauty of Golche which I am going to remember for long time.

The overall field visit was a good experience. I want to thank my team and the organization ‘SW Nepal’ as well as my CEO for providing me an amazing opportunity to see beyond my desk, my house and myself. Thank you.