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Information Technology and Organizational Development

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Er. Gaurav Sapkota 
B.Tech(E.C.E), M.Tech(V.L.S.I)
IT Infrastructure Engineer

It’s important to understand what information technology means. Information technology simplified as IT is the study, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications, computer hardware and mobile devices.” Computers with hardware and software are used to convert, store, process, transmit and retrieve data as well as to protect those data. Information Technology is a network of technology involving electronic hardware and programmed software. Currently, there are a large number of companies having IT departments for managing the computers, networks, security, and data. IT jobs include computer programming, network administration, computer engineering, Web development, technical support, and many other related occupations.
Today’s age is the Information age, where we share data frequently, and for managing those data, technology is used. This technology is information technology. It has become a part of everyday life which is a great impact on the society. Information technology comprises of computers, networks, mobile and wireless devices, satellite communications, robotics, videotext, cable television, electronic mail (“e-mail”), electronic games, and automated office equipment.


Boosting organizational development

Information technology, has played a vital role in the development of the twenty first century. Either for making a statistical business model or organizational structure, IT has definitely increased the overall performance of the organization.
Communication has improved a lot in this era. Before letters and postal cards were used to communicate but today an e-mail has replaced the time consuming procedures. An e-mail can reach to the receiver within seconds. While talking about telecommunication, trunk calls were used to make distant calls, but today, a simplified mobile software application can make your call easier and with no cost at all. All we need to do is to have an internet connection. Sharing any important document has been easier now than it used to be. An entire folder of organization data can be shared to large number of employees with no hassle.
As application software has evolved from simplified nature to complex one, algorithms and data handling capacity has increased. Which further leads to have significant effect on the labor market. Even marketing policies are implemented through digital platforms. There are social media having huge number of users. Even a single post can create massive impact on strategic digital marketing. As the market and products & services are getting more competitive, I suggest every organization to have their own web identity. Web identity of an organization are the websites they have, where they can provide information about their products and services and can also sell them.
We must thank companies like Apple, Samsung and other mobile electronics manufacturer. As these devices got evolved from a simplified device to smart phones, they are providing platforms to create new applications and spread information. Around ten years back, we used Edge for internet on mobile devices. Now we are using HSDPA, 3G and latest one being 4G. Data connectivity has become faster and convenient.
Those are the organizational areas affected by the information technology..