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Mason Training and Capacity Building

In order to produce skilled human resources to contribute post-earthquake reconstruction activities, SW Nepal is providing mason trainings in Chitwan and Ramechhap through various projects. These training events target local communities working as mason or willing to work as mason and help in creating increased availability of skilled labour and also developing the skills of existing masons.

These trainings consist of two sessions: knowledge sessions and practical sessions. Knowledge sessions are conducted in classrooms by senior engineers using suitable training methods and practical sessions involve the real construction works guided by competent Builder Trainer and Site Manager. The training completes with the construction of earthquake-resilient houses for most vulnerable households enlisted by NRA.

master mason training

SW Nepal provides capacity enhancement skill training to local Chepangs in Dumkin-2, Ickhayakamana Gaunpalika. Men and women for Chepang community are eager to learn earthquake resilient construction practices. This training will help them to develop skills and generate employment opportunities in Chepang people.

master mason training hamro ghar project

Surya Bahadur Chepang, 24 has been working as mason for the last 3 years. After the earthquake, he had increased demand for reconstruction. Using his previous knowledge and skills, he helped rebuild shelter of many people, but most construction failed to meet required standards of earthquake resilience during inspections. He was anxious to receive training with resilience approaches.

Now, with Hamro Ghar project being implemented in his own locality, he is receiving 40 days on-the-job training. “With all the learnings in this training, I will be able to build houses that complies EQ-resilient standards.” says Surya Bahadur with confidence.