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Sustainable Energy in Helambu

Climate Trek Nepal is a project initiated to provide services in accessing RETs, water efficiency measures, comfort materials to set-up ecologically friendly hotels and lodges in trekking route of Helambu. This project aims to revive tourism in Helambu region after the earthquake, by establishing series of trekking paths that includes efficient and environment friendly options for accommodation, board, transport and other services to international and national trekkers.

Sustainable Energy in Helambu 1

SW Nepal provided detail engineering design and adequate construction supervision to Mr. Nurpu Lama, owner of Lama Guest House, Chipling, Helambu for the construction of 4 roomed lodge with energy, water and comfort efficient measures. In this lodge, 5W solar PV and 300 liter solar water heater are installed. The infill walls of rooms are parqueted with wooden planks and insulation forms to maintain room temperature even in winter. This reduced the consumption of wood for fireworks; a convention method used before to maintain the temperature. Further, bio-gas plant is also installed to manage solid waste from the lodge.

Sustainable Energy in Helambu 2

Likewise, SW Nepal is providing similar support to 14 other different lodges and hotels in this route to install energy, water and comfort measures.