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“Child delivery in torch light was very challenging job to do”, says Muna Thapa, Nurse in Kutumsang Health Unit.

Ishan Sakumi
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Er. Ishan Sakumi
Civil Engineer

Kutumsang Community Health Centre, Nuwakot has been providing its service to the villagers with the daily patient flow of around 10 to 12. However, only two permanent staff are available for providing the services like child delivery, first aid, vaccination, etc.

During the need assessment of the “Climate Trek Nepal”, SW Nepal realized the dreadful situation of the heath post; no electricity was available and child delivery was done using torch light. Sensing the critical need of power in health post, SW Nepal facilitated in procurement, vendor selection and installation of Solar PV and Solar Water Heater through Climate Trek Nepal project. Further, we designed and constructed incineration pits, needle disposal pits, septic tank and soak pit in the health post, which now eases proposal disposal of solid, water and hospital waste. We also provided training to staffs and hospital management committee on the efficient use and maintenance of the installed facilities.

Installation of solar panel and water heater powers health post in Kutumsang

It is a lot easier now

“Child delivery in torch light was very challenging job to do”, says Muna Thapa, she is working as a nurse in Kutumsang Health Unit since a year. With a big smile on her face, Muna says, “Now, we have lights in our health post with the installation of solar system. Child delivery is safe and easy. This project also installed Solar Water heater and Heating Facility which is very essential to keep the patients and staffs warm in this part of the winter. It is easy to dispose needles, incineration, other wastes in pits and the surrounding of hospital is relatively cleaner now”.