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First Day? Nothing to Worry About

Apekshya Pal
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Ms. Apekshya Pal

As a newly hired intern in an office, how do you find out your way inside the office? Where is your station? Who is your supervisor? And where do you sit? All of these questions take even more twists and turns in your head especially when you reach the office a bit too early and there is nobody around. So, you do the only logical thing that anyone would do; play a series of game impatiently in your phone as an outlet to the pressure building up inside you. Then, to your relief, your colleagues whom you do not know yet start to come to the office. But it turns out to be a short-lived relief as you get more nervous about the unfamiliar faces.

After almost all the office staffs make their way in the office and settle in for their daily routine, you are finally assigned a desk. Being the first day, there was not much responsibilities assigned to me. The first week as I had expected was going to be all about settling in the office. Hence, my first task was to get familiar with the company profile, do a light reading on some of the achievements and maybe, mingle with the other employees. There was an excitement in the air among everyone in the office to which I was oblivious about. Everyone started saying that I am lucky because my first day at the office was the day of the Christmas brunch. To my assumption, it would probably be a slight shift in menu instead of the usual dal-bhat. Turns out, I was completely wrong about it.

With a bit of light reading about Scott Wilson Nepal and getting to know a bit about my fellow colleagues, it was time for lunch or the Christmas brunch. What I thought was a normal office lunch with a twist in the menu turned out to be an office lunch with a shift in the location to Thamel and the rest of the day off. At this moment, it felt like I joined the office for the brunch. But, at the same time, it was also an opportunity to get to know everyone in the office.

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We made our way to Thamel and the brunch commenced on with a little bit of drinking, little bit of eating, little bit of getting to know everyone, and a little bit of everything. Soon after, everyone started to eye me with that teasing look about my first day at the office. All in all, it was a very warm welcome indeed. The afternoon turned into evening without a notice and it was time to check out of the restaurant. But, my colleagues’ were not ready for a check out. Out of nowhere a plan to roam the busy streets of Thamel was instantly made. But, it was time for me to retire for the evening as I had other obligations at home too. Nevertheless, my first day at Scott Wilson Nepal left a smile on my face and never did I imagine that it would go on to be a party.

The welcome that I received from everyone gave me a confidence that if I work sincerely, there is nothing to worry about. At the end, I was left with an energy of wanting to come to work the next day.