Operations, Business Development and Financial Manager

SW Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (Scott Wilson Nepal)


Operations, Business Development and Financial Manager

Purpose of the position:

This is an important position to provide leadership in the management of the Human Resource, administration, business development and financial management of the firm. This requires that the position holder possesses a broader vision and understanding of key aspects of planning, business development, project management, team management and administrative & financial control systems. This position should contribute to improvement in the business development and operational efficiency and effectiveness within the firm. Please visit www.swnepal.com.np for more details on the firm.

Role and responsibilities:

  • Analyse, develop and implement business plans and strategies for the company
  • Build and maintain distinctive relationship with clients, partner organizations and key experts/professionals.
  • Refresh standard costs and provide proper support and guidance to the bidding team.
  • Support projects and programme by mentoring and deploying project management tools to ensure the successful delivery of the projects / Programme.
  • Develop/update marketing and business development materials and website.
  • Review and update the company policies on a regular basis.
  • Prepare and update staff and expert’s CV database.
  • Oversee the recruitment, interview, and hiring of new staff.
  • Support the establishment of project teams, identify recruitment requirements for staff and consultants and manage the recruitment process.
  • Develop performance management and improvement systems.
  • Provide Project end to end (E2E) financial support and guidance.
  • Develop understanding of client specific financial management systems and institutionalize them for key development partners (e.g. DFID, SDC, USAID, EU etc.)
  • Represent the firm in key administrative meetings with the client as necessary.
  • Prepare and implement the internal control plan and carry out the risk analysis.
  • Develop and execute new improved procurement strategies of purchasing.
  • Perform risk management for supply contracts and agreements.
  • Any other tasks discussed and agreed with the CEO.

Skills Required:

  • Excellent command over both English and Nepali languages
  • Ability to plan, establish priorities and meet deadlines and to initiate and implement activities with minimal oversight and supervision
  • Excellent communicator, with strong writing skills

Job commencement: From April 2019 onwards

Salary: Negotiable

If you are interested, please email your CV and a cover letter justifying why you are the best candidate for this position to careers@swnepal.com.np by COB 31st March 2019.

Good luck!