Scott Wilson Nepal supports governance for environment friendly rural road construction in Nepal

SWN is working for USAID funded and DAI implemented Paani Program to develop Guidelines for 15 Local Governments in selected River Basin areas to reduce soil erosion and landslides arising from poorly constructed rural roads that largely rely on heavy equipment. These Guidelines are designed to promote environment friendly road construction with a mix of human labour and machines used in a planned manner. Roads shall be properly assessed for environmental impacts and designed within the Government standards, while promoting bioengineering and drainage to reduce soil erosion, and focus on maintenance and safety of the roads.

The coverage made in national and local media of the Guideline finalization process demonstrates keen interest of local stakeholders in construction of roads that impact less on the terrain and local environment.

The news article covered our project ‘Construction of environmentally friendly rural roads in Nepal’ in the national edition of Gorkhapatra Daily -Sunday, 12/1/2020

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