Date: 22nd January 2020

Detailed Project Report (DPR) of the Integrated Settlement of the site Tiru and Bogatitar was handed in to the local government of Rasuwa with a small presentation on the submitted report by the DS-II team of SWN. The presentation was held in Uttargaya, Gaupalika office where more than 70 people participated. The main participants were local governments and the beneficiary of the proposed integrated settlement (IS). The beneficiaries were highly encouraged to attend and put forward their thought on the proposed IS. The main objective of the meeting was also to transfer the knowledge and information on the DPR to the beneficiary. Moreover, the main scope of the meeting was to provide the beneficiary and their local government with the good knowledge of proposed detailed site plan for layout and placement of houses and the community infrastructures, brief assessment on social, livelihood, environment and DRR intervention prerequisites in development of their new settlement and the tentative cost estimates of the proposed. Overall, the meeting was successful in getting direct and good feedback from the beneficiaries and their local government.


Picture Location: Uttargaya Gaupalika Office, Rasuwa

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