Enumerators training on GBV surveys

A 3-day enumerator’s training was held at SWN from 3rd to 5th February for Integrated Platform on Gender Based Violence Prevention and Response Project. This project is implemented by the National Women Commission (NWC) of the Government of Nepal with financial support from the World Bank.

Fourteen experienced women were selected as enumerators for participation in the training. In presence of SWN core team and representatives from NWC and World Bank, the enumerators were given a general overview on the objective of annual monitoring and end-line survey indicators of the study. The session included discussions about sex, gender, inequality, prevalence and understanding of gender-based violence (GBV) in Nepal. SWN team explained about the importance of rapport building and of following ethical guidelines as a researcher to discuss about sensitive topics like GBV in the community. The training included discussion on Focus Group Discussion (FGD) and Key Informant Interview (KII) checklists. All the tools were presented in detail to the enumerators which included mock exercises and practice sessions. Participants were given the opportunity to practice community survey utilizing ODK Collect. As a result, these practice sessions enumerators were able to offer their suggestions and recommendations on improving the survey techniques and questionnaires. The training proved to be enormously useful and was widely appreciated by the enumerators and the World Bank and NWC teams.


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