EFRC Guideline Finalization Workshop and EFRC Awareness Campaign

Scott Wilson Nepal organized a two-day workshop between December 30th, 2019 to January 17th, 2020 in six Rural Municipalities with participation from Local Government (LG) officials, including Mayors and Heads of LGs. A total of fifteen LGs under Jhimruk, West Seti and Middle Karnali Watershed participated in the event. The workshop was organized to support LG officials in developing guidelines for the construction of Environment Friendly Rural Roads (EFRC). The guidelines are to be used to procure and manage rural roads through user groups or local contractors. Specifically, the guideline includes the following conditions:

  • Environmental protection measures and improved road geometry should be taken into consideration to construct well-engineered rural roads.
  • Rural road should be appropriately assessed for its environmental impacts and should be designed within the Government of Nepal standards.
  • Construction of rural roads should promote use of nature based solutions.
  • A functional drainage system should be incorporated while constructing rural roads to safeguard against soil erosion.

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