S.W. Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (Scott Wilson Nepal/SWN) is a multi-disciplinary research and development consulting service provider established in 2000 AD. Our firm provides sustainable, innovative and cutting-edge solutions to some of the most prominent entities in Nepal – intergovernmental organizations, I/NGOs, private sector and the Government of Nepal. We have built a highly efficient institution that strives to provide the best quality value to its clients. SWN has fully applied COVID-19 compliant tools in its activities.

What sets SWN apart from the competition?

  • Highly experienced professional team
  • Strong history of client satisfaction – Extensive knowledge of national/local policies and regulations
  • Experience in a holistic breadth of thematic areas

Core Competencies Area

  • Program monitoring, engineering assessment and evaluation
  • Infrastructure Program Design
  • Capacity building and workshop facilitation
  • Development of Guideline and policies
  • Advocacy on engineering governance

Core Practice Areas:

  • Technical Audit and Third Party quality assessment
  • Solid waste and Wastewater treatment
  • Baseline, Mid Term and Endline Survey and Evaluations
  • Development of periodic plan and policies
  • Gravity and lift water supply systems
  • Multiple Use Water Supply, Water Harvesting Structures and Catchment restoration
  • Assessment of water-related ecosystem

Our experiences in WASH:

Our skilled team of engineering, and MEL Team along with WASH experts apply specific tools/software in designing of sustainable WASH infrastructure, development WASH Plans and policies and carry monitoring and evaluation under different cross cutting areas including GESI. Our works and activities contribute to the Sustainable Development Goal SDG 6 to ensure and achieve equitable access to safe and drinking water as well as sanitation and hygiene for all and end open defecation.


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Our Relevant Assignments

1. Study on role of private sectors in community based WASH business and water supply service management, April 2020
Client: Plan International, 2020

Plan International Nepal implements WASH related projects in Sunsari, Sindhuli and Makwanpur districts of Nepal. The purpose of the assignment was to understand the scope and scenario of private sector engagement with public-private partnership or private management modality in community based WASH business and water supply service management to make WASH service system functional and sustainable. SWN carried out 30 KII with government officials and stakeholders and 26 FGD with communities and youth.

2. Outcome monitoring of USDA McGovern Dale Food for Education and Child Nitration in Nepal, April 2020
Client: UN WFP

Under the assignment SWN was assigned by WFP to conduct outcome monitoring of Food for Education and Child Nutrition Program. WASH is one of the four main interventions of the School Meal Programme (SMP). It aims to mobilize school committees on the importance of sanitation and hygiene and supports the maintenance of toilets, child friendly hand washing stations and waste pits. In addition, this component promotes activities to raise awareness and modify behavior.  A structure observation was carried out with 1674 students of 323 program schools of 11 districts of western Nepal by using KOBO mobile application.

3. Preparation of Rural Municipality Level Strategic WASH Plan, June 2019
Client:   Action Against Hunger (ACF)

SWN prepared Gaunpalika Level Strategic WASH plan for two Gaunpalikas (Uttargaya and Aamachhodingmo) of Rasuwa district. This strategic document serves as a guideline to the respective Gaunpalikas to plan effective, efficient equitable and sustainable WASH infrastructure/services for all. It will also help to develop synergy and coordination between Gaunpalikas and concerned stakeholders so as to achieve national and global (SDG) WASH goals. During the assignment the team carried out 20 FGDs with Water user committee, school boys and girls and conducted 30 KIIs in with local government officials, School Teachers/ School Management and Head/representative health post in each Municipalities.

4. Third Party Process and Outcome Monitoring, Dec 2015
Client: UN WFP

WFP Nepal assigned SW Nepal as an External Third Party to support them to undertake a monitoring of their implementation process and outcome level results mainly for first three components of their country programme from 2013-2017, which includes livelihood & asset creation, education support and nutrition support. Under the assignment SWN carried out monitoring activities in 16 Mid and Far-Western districts of Nepal collecting both quantitative and qualitative data through Key informant interviews, consultations, focus group discussions, beneficiary surveys, Community Score Card, Coping Index etc. The team performed data entry, analysis and monitoring reports preparation. Under Nutrition component, for outcome monitoring total 375 respondent HHs with children aged 6-23 months were selected from primary sample unit (PSU). Likewise 300 beneficiaries HHs were interviewed for outcome monitoring of livelihood and asset creation. In the outcome monitoring of education support 609 beneficiaries ie. students were interviewed from 203 schools/ PSUs.

5. Technical Assessment of Small Scale Infrastructure, WASH, Jan 2018
Client:   Oxfam Nepal

Carried out technical audit reviewing technical feasibility, soundness and quality including evaluating functionality and sustainability aspect of infrastructures that mostly comprised WASH systems and other community assets. SWN carried out rapid evaluation using standard qualitative and quantitative questionnaires in a cluster of WASH projects. In total, 21 water supply schemes and 600 households from three districts was to be surveyed during the evaluation by using a KOBO mobile application.

6. USAID’s TAYAR Nepal Improved Disaster Risk Management Project Baseline Assessment – ONGOING
Client: Tayar Nepal _ USAID

Currently, SWN MEL unit is leading a baseline assessment assignment for USAID’s TAYAR Nepal Improved Disaster Risk Management Project. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, SWN has strategically modified its approach and methodology- Local Municipality Focal Person (MFP) and local researchers have been recruited to carry our Disaster Risk Reduction Index assessments in 8 Municipalities and household surveys to 610 individuals using KOBO mobile application.

7. Telephonic Survey and Data Analysis for Assessing Economic Activity as a Result of Housing Reconstruction
Client: The World Bank


SWN was contracted by the World Bank to carry out the “Telephonic Survey and Data Analysis for Assessing Economic Activity as a Result of Housing Reconstruction”. The main objective of the assignment was to understand and estimate the extent of the economic activities generated as a result of EHRP.  It order to mitigate the limitations set by the COVID-19 related restrictions on mobility and lockdown, the assignment was designed to replace the usual field-based surveys to telephone-based survey with 900 households in 4 project districts. SWN design and program questionnaire into a Kobo tool based data collection platform. Also clean, manage and analyze data from all three partner organizations with a total of 2700 observations. The final report providing insight on economic activities generated as a result of EHRP was provided to the World Bank.

8. Engineering Assessment for small scale infrastructure project/ Sajhedari Bikaas, Dec 2017
Client:   Sajhedari Bikaas

In undertaking this assignment, SW Nepal is responsible for engineering support to 130 pre-identified community-based small-scale infrastructure projects (SSIPs) in 5 most earthquake affected district of Nepal. This includes detailed survey, design, drawing and implementation of 70 community based water supply schemes as well as on-site training and orientation to local user’s committee and construction workers.

9. Project: Standard Assessment Phase I-IV
Client:   UN WFP

SWN provided technical support to the UN World Food Programme (WFP) Nepal in carrying out compliance assessment of quality, environmental, social and health and safety standards and technical review stipulated for WFP infrastructures developed under PRRO 200152.0 in 13 districts which also include water supply system

10. Project: Engineering Consultancy on Climate Trek Helambu
Client:   atmosfair, gmbh

Guidance on energy and water efficiency measures in lodges, schools and health posts. These assessments covered eco-friendly, cost effective and high altitude solutions for energy supply, water supply, waste management and waste water treatment.