Reflections on Bioengineering Experience in Nepal: Looking back, review of current practices and suggestions for way ahead


Date: 16 and 17 March, 2021 (BS Chaitra 3 and 4, 2077)

Department of Local Infrastructure (DoLI) of the Government of Nepal and Scott Wilson Nepal (SW Nepal Pvt Ltd), a Nepali consulting organisation, jointly organised a bio-engineering symposium in Nepal on 16th and 17th March 2021. The event looked back into the experience of pioneering works in slope management using bio-engineering applications in Nepal in the 1980s and 1990s, shared current practices in use of bio-engineering and identified areas where improvements could be made through bioengineering applications to meet slope management and resilience challenges in Nepal.

The key presenters at the Symposium were:

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John Howell, key note speaker. Mr Howell is a prominent international expert with extensive contributions to development of bioengineering tools and applications in Nepal for over 30 years.


Meghraj Dhital, audio presentation. Prof. Dr. Dhital is a senior and highly acclaimed geologist with widely acclaimed works in research, publications and capacity building in areas of engineering geology, landslide studies and bioengineering.


Ranjan Kumar Dahal: Dr. Dahal is Associate Professor at the Tribhuvan University and is widely known for his works in geodisaster studies, including landslide assessments and mapping and mitigation works.

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Ajay Karki, Mr. Karki, Under Secretary at the Government of Nepal, is currently with the Program Implementation Unit of the President Chure Terai Madhesh Conservation Development Board. He has an academic degree in forestry and has worked in forest administration and soil conservation for more than 12 years. He brings together his forestry knowledge and experience in soil conservation to manage the fragile watersheds of Nepal including Chure hills which span east to west of the country.

Shanker Rai

 Mr. Shankar Rai: Mr. Rai is an experienced bioengineering professional with extensive Nepal based and international experience of bioengineering applications. He has detailed practical knowledge of bioengineering tools and designs and implementation level experience.

Shuva Sharma

Shuva Sharma, Facilitator is a CEO and a professional lead at SWN. He is an Infrastructure Expert particular focus in resilient infrastructure development and associated expertise in low volume roads, sustainable trails, bio-engineering and slope stabilization, quality monitoring, livelihoods improvement and community asset development.

Moreover, there were sharings of current experiences in bioengineering applications. Joint Secretary and acclaimed geotechnical expert, Er. Naresh Man Shakya highlighted the bioengineering and slope stabilisation works along strategic roads by the Department of Roads (DoR) of Nepal. Dr Suman Baidya of FCDO/DFID presented extensive bioengineering applications on rural roads by Rural Access Programme (RAP) over 20 years period.

The symposium was widely participated by Nepali professionals, academics, practitioners and students. More than 300 participants registered and participated at the event.

Day One (16th March 2021)

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Day Two (17th March 2021)

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