Building public works management capacity of the engineering team of the Prime Minister Employment Programme (PMEP) of the Government of Nepal

Shuva Sharma and Santosh Panthee of Scott Wilson Nepal (SW Nepal Pvt Ltd/SWN) have been assigned by PMEP to provide a full range of skills in managing Public Works Programs (PWP) that its engineering Technical Assistants (TA) are responsible for in all of 753 Local Governments of Nepal. A wider SWN team delivers the training sessions at SWN office covering the following aspects of PWP:

  1. understanding of PWPs in the context of social protection including employment generation through selection labour based projects;
  2. project cycle activities;
  3. use of appropriate Government work Norms and undertaking rate analysis to prepare Bill of Quantities (BoQ);
  4. social and environmental safeguards;
  5. quality assurance requirements and processes
  6. use of simple engineering instruments for survey and work evaluation;
  7. monitoring of works;
  8. site preparations;
  9. health and safety including pandemic context,
  10. communication and reporting,
  11. resolution of administrative, financial and community coordination issues, among others.

The training events includes one 3-day event with face-to-face training to small number of TAs followed by more than 20 sessions of 2-day online/digital events for available TAs from 753 Local Governments where PMEP is rolled out.

The face-to-face event was undertaken from 11-14 March 2021. The online events were inaugurated  on 21st March 2021 (8 Chaitra 2077) at the SWN office by Hon. Gauri Shankar Chaudhary, Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Security (MoLESS) and the PMEP team led by Joint Secretary Suman Ghimire along with Under Secretary Bhola Nath Guragain. The training event is expected to complete by end of April 2021.

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