An introspection of a Nepali private firm on the eve of World Environment Day 2021, on what this and UK Decade for Ecosystem Restoration means to them.

When Shuva Sharma, the CEO of Scott Wilson Nepal (SWN) saw the painting (below) at the Mithila Art Centre in Janakpurdham, Province 2 of Nepal, in 2018, he realized that it was what he were precisely looking for. It carried the whole message of ecosystem that he felt he believed in.

Who was ‘Sumitra’, the signatory artist of this painting? We do not know. She could be a ‘colleague’ of the lady (photo on the right) who gladly sold us the painting.

But what a vision Sumitra had ! 

PIC1 1

The tree, the green sprouting leaves, and the birds everywhere with their bright happy eyes. For Sumitra, this must be what she and many of her friends in the village would see as something needed to restore. This was her vision of restoring the ecosystem in a village somewhere near Janakpur.

Today, on the 5th of June 2021, SWN would like to declare that it shares the vision of Sumitra, the unknown Mithila artist, where nature, with all its beautiful flora and fauna, and human beings can live happily together.

What else is SWN doing locally?

Contributing to solid waste collection locally
SWN, a local Nepali firm, is deeply committed to supporting local environmental initiatives. In 2014, SWN worked with local Municipality ward team to attach ‘Balti waste collectors’ attached to the electric posts. Nearly 7 years, these help to collect pedestrian garbage, and the Municipality team empties them regularly.

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Support to Ranibari Community Forest
SWN works with the Users Committee of Ranibari Forest with an area of nearly 7 hectares in managing its natural environment. It supports user surveys, engineering surveys for local wards and advises on the nature-friendly approaches to forest infrastructures.

All-wood green office in Gandaki Province

SWN has built for itself a timber building for its Gandaki Province office in Shuklagandaki Municipality at Gandaki Province. It has attracted a high number of visitors for this reason and has disseminated awareness that cement and concrete are not the only materials for building construction. SWN hopes to further share information on the sustainable, resilient and climate-friendly nature of wood, bamboo and other nature-friendly materials.

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SWN: A green and healthy workplace

SWN itself offers its staff a healthy and green workplace. The beautiful bamboo cottage in the back of the office offers a friendly refreshment area in addition to creating awareness on green construction materials, a value that all staff members carry. There is ample time, at any time of the day, to jump on a trampoline or to dabble at table tennis. We encourage our team to be mindful that the commitment to nature, conservation, healthy working habits and physical/mental health of the team members all are interconnected.


…And finally, enjoying pizza on an all-lime-mortared pizza oven at the office!

SWN promotion of green materials does not end with bamboo, wood and earth. We have received training and have been carrying our research on the strength and application of lime to demonstrate that lime can be better binding (and climate-friendly !) material than cement in a number of applications. We started this with a pizza oven at the office premises, and the message we deliver is no doubt very attractive and tasty, like the pizzas we occasionally bake in our special oven!