Talk Program by Young Artist, Sandesh Man Shakya

On 28th March 2023, Young Artist Sandesh Man Shakya presented his paintings and shared his professional aspirations and inspirations with a team from Scott Wilson Nepal. This brings young art talent to explain what it takes to paint beautiful pictures and develop high-quality watercolor and oil paints inspired by human emotions, Nepali culture and heritage, and wildlife. He explained how he would study for long the animal body and muscles before painting, for example, a tiger, or drawing the Janaki Mandir of Janakpur. He loves putting human bonding and emotions on paper and it showed so vividly in his paintings. He also mentioned incidents of deceit and theft of art by his own art teachers and how this emotionally drained him away from painting. He is now back, and will no doubt shine nationally and internationally given the talent and perseverance in his artworks.

All the best, Sandesh!

Talk programme
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Fine arts by Sandesh Man Shakya