Pratibaddha II- Technical Workshop on Rural Road for Uttargaya Rural Municipality

Sustainable & user-friendly roads are essential to connect communities and protect the villages from haphazard road construction as well as mitigate landslides. Therefore, with the aim to build the capacity of the municipality’s technical human resources in surveying, designing, and constructing safer, sustainable, and functional roads, as well as increasing their technical skills to adopt measures for mitigating landslides around road constructions, Scott Wilson Nepal (SWN) with the support of European Union (EU) under the Pratibaddha-II project, organized a technical workshop on a rural road for the technical human resources of Uttargaya Rural Municipality, Rasuwa from March 26-28, 2023.

After participating in the workshop, Mr. Sudip Neupane, Engineer of Uttargaya Rural Municipality said, “The training has been incredibly beneficial for surveying and designing rural roads, and it has been an important step towards constructing more resilient roads. Although it would have been ideal to have received this training earlier, we are committed to applying these skills in the pilot section and other roads currently under construction.”

At the end of the training, the participants prepared a pilot design for the construction of 0.5 km of the Okharbot-Belkharka-Patle section, which was already identified by the ward committee of Ward No. 2. Additionally, Uttargaya Rural Municipality/Ward Committee also allocated NPR 0.8 million for the pilot design and committed to implementing the design prepared by the technical team during the workshop. The design includes proper rural road alignment and landslide mitigation measures such as drainage systems, retaining walls, and bio-engineering that will make the road sustainable. Mr. Tuku Prasad Subedi, the Ward Chairperson of Ward No. 2 committed to constructing the model road based on the design.

The capacity building of the municipality’s human resources and enhancing their knowledge through ‘Workshop on Rural Road’ is part of a project Pratibaddha-II that is led by People in Need with its consortium partners Community Self-Reliance Center (CSRC), Save the Children Nepal, and SWN with the aim to support disaster preparedness and early action in landslide-affected hill areas of Nepal.

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Photo: Scott Wilson Nepal