Demonstrating Bio-engineering for Slope Stabilization- Naukunda Rural Municipality

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A demonstration event on bio-engineering for slope stabilization and landslide mitigation was held in Naukunda Gaunpalika, Rasuwa on June 22, 2023, under the EU Humanitarian Aid-funded Pratibaddha project. The Bio-engineering Specialist Mr. Shankar Rai demonstrated the plantation of Nigalo and Amrisho plants as a Nature-based Solution for slope stabilization to local authorities, engineers from Rural Municipalities, and local communities. The objective of the demonstration was to raise awareness and empower communities regarding the risks posed by landslide hazards and the various mitigation measures available to them. The event showcased practical examples of bio-engineering measures that households and communities can initiate to stabilize slopes, providing attendees with tangible solutions to enhance slope resilience and mitigate the risk of landslides.

Bio engineering demostration 2 scaled
Bio engineering demostration 4
Bio engineering demostration 1 scaled
Bio engineering demostration 3 scaled

Photo: Scott Wilson Nepal, June 2023

“We learned new ways to mitigate the landslide with locally available plants and ways to implement bio-engineering measures from the expert. We can now help in spreading the knowledge gained in the event to other people in the area to stabilize the fragile slopes.” 

          -Nokendra Dev Tamang, Ward Chairperson, Ward No.3, Naukunda Rural Municipality, Rasuwa

“We had been doing the wrong practice of the landslide mitigation measure. Now, we have learned the mitigation measures using bio-engineering. We shall consult the Pratibaddha technical team for future bio-engineering works.”

                                                                   -Mukesh Gupta, Engineer, Naukunda Rural Municipality, Rasuwa