Nature-based Solution (NbS) to mitigate soil erosion and slope instability at Chaku-Marming Road, Bhotekosi.

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Bhotekoshi Rural Municipality (RM) officials seek to mitigate soil erosion and slope instability issues at Chaku-Marming Road at Chainage 0+600 Km, Bhotekoshi-4. To support the RM, bio-engineering measures were demonstrated as a Nature-based Solution for slope stabilization. The event was held on July 20, 2023, under the European Union Humanitarian Aid-funded Pratibaddha project. The site already had a retaining structure in place, so additional plant-based measures were put in place to address the risk of slope failure.

The bioengineering measures implemented at Chaku-Marming Road comprised two techniques. Firstly, a diagonal plantation of Amlisho (Thysanolaena) throughout the slope. This vegetation plays a vital role in stabilizing the soil and preventing erosion. Secondly, a horizontal plantation of Nigalo (Phyllostrachys nigra) was introduced at the base of the slope to enhance its structural integrity and bolster its stability.

There was an engagement of 34 representatives including Ward Committee Members, the Armed Police Force, Nepal Police, and Technical Human Resources from the Bhotekoshi Rural Municipality. The active involvement of these stakeholders highlights the importance they placed on finding sustainable Nature-based Solutions to address the slope challenges in the area.

Pratibaddha project is led by People in Need Nepal with its consortium partners Community Self Reliance Centre (CSRC), Save the Children in Nepalz, and SW Nepal Pvt. Ltd. (Scott Wilson Nepal).

Bio engineering 2 Bhotekhoshi
Bio engineering 4 Bhotekhoshi
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Photo: Scott Wilson Nepal, July 2023