Final Evaluation of Integrated Comprehensive Recovery Program Phase 3 in Thangpal Valley – Sindhupalchok

Ongoing Project, September- November 2023

The France-based INGO, the Triangle Generation Humanitaire (TGH) has awarded SWN to undertake an external evaluation of its third phase of the Integrated Global Reconstruction Project (IGRP) project implemented in selected areas of Sindhupalchowk district from March 2020 to August 2023. The funding for the TGH comes from the Fondation de France (FdF), France. The investment supports the theme of ‘Food safety and economic recovery. Construction: building safety.’

SWN will evaluate the project based on the OEDC DAC evaluation criteria, i.e. relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, and sustainability. The key project initiatives include setting up a model farm, information center, nursery, collection center, water network, and community and individual biogas system.

The local partner for TGH is the Association for Rural Social Welfare (ARSOW). These are implemented in four wards of Panchpokhari Thangpal Rural Municipality, i.e. Bhotang (Panchpokhari Thangpal Rural Municipality-03), Thangpalkot (Panchpokhari Thangpal Rural Municipality-04), Gunsakot (Panchpokhari Thangpal Rural Municipality-05), and Thangpaldhap (Panchpokhari Thangpal Rural Municipality-06).

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Photo Credit: Association for Rural Social Welfare (ARSOW Nepal)