Endline Evaluation of PROTECT Project

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SWN is a Local Research Partner for Global Insight (https://www.g-insight.org/), US from 2021 for evaluating the Plan USA-sponsored PROTECT (Prevention, Tracking, Education and Transformation) program in Nepal.  The project supports children, families, communities, and societies to strengthen prevention mechanisms against child trafficking, improve repatriation processes, and support the safe reintegration of survivors. The project was implemented by Plan International Nepal in 2019 and will end in December 2023. 

SWN research team carried out data collection for the Final Evaluation to measure the impact of the project over its lifetime, and, where possible, identify the causal mechanisms driving that impact. The team carried out Family History with adult respondents, stakeholder and staff interviews, and Participatory mapping/ FGDs.  

Field Work Photos

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Photo source: Scott Wilson Nepal, November 2023 

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