Scott Wilson Nepal has well established governance systems and processes.



Our firm complies with Government of Nepal rules and regulations and has incorporated internationally accepted principles in its systems.  Our systems are compliant with and have been applied in a number of projects supported by DFID, USAID, GIZ, SDC and other international agencies.


The firm has the following policies and documentations in place that we use and periodically upgrade:

Timekeeping Policy

Timekeeping Policy

We record the time allocated by staff and experts in different activities and monitor the progress and quality of deliverables.

swn Anti corruption Strategy

Anti-corruption Strategy

Our strategy document sets the standards and elaborates the systematic approach to prevent corrupt practices with the firm and in our dealings with external parties.

swn Financial policy

Financial Policy

Our policy elaborates the financial rules and control mechanism. This includes internal audit and statuary audit. The policy also allows funding partner to monitor our transactions.

swn Procurement Policy

Procurement Policy

Our policy elaborates the principles of procurement, process of the procurement and stipulates ways to eliminate risks.

swn Human Resource Policy

Human Resource Policy

Our policy is complies to a large extent to the labour law of Nepal, and seek to ensure higher compliance levels. Our policy elaborates the standards of employee, recruitment process, policies on leave, transfer, promotion and disciplinary action. It also elaborates the ‘Whistle Blowing Process’ and provides Grievance Redressal Mechanism.

swn Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy

This policy elaborates the standard health and safety measures and elaborates the process to prevent from risk at workplace and the field visits that our teams often make. We have staff insurance policies to cover accidents and illnesses.

In addition to this, our firm complies with international norms and practices including those for environment protection, abuse of child labour, gender and social inclusion and protecting human rights.