Environmental safety is an exercise of shielding the natural surroundings on person, enterprise managed on governmental levels, for the gain of each the surroundings and human beings. Due to the pressures of overconsumption, populace and technology, the biophysical surroundings is being degraded, now and again permanently. This has been identified, and governments have all started placing restraints on activities that reason environmental degradation. Since the Sixties, interest of environmental movements has created attention of the numerous environmental problems. There is no agreement at the extent of the environmental effect of human hobby or even clinical dishonesty occurs, so protection measures are every so often debated.

The Environment Protection Act (1997) makes legal provisions in order to maintain clean and healthy environment by minimizing, as far as possible, adverse impacts likely to be caused from environmental degradation on human beings, wildlife, plants, nature and physical objects. The Act further aims to protect the environment with proper use and management of natural resources, taking into consideration that sustainable development could be achieved from the inseparable inter-relationship between the economic development and environment protection.

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