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Floating Wetland Treating System by the Small Earth Nepal

  Pratyush Kayastha, Research Intern Picture: Pratuysh Kayastha, Scott Wilson Nepal, 2023 Lake pollutants such as industrial waste, agricultural waste, untreated sewage,...

My Experience with Company (Scott Wilson Nepal)

  Albina Shrestha, Intern, 2022 For any fresher it would be a great opportunity to work with such a company where he/she can switch multiple departments within the...

कोरोनाबाट बच्न हात धोऔँ ! सुख्खा याम छ पानि फारो गरौँ! हात मिच्दा धारा बन्द गरौँ !

Let us save water while washing our hands frequently during the dry period of April to June. Let’s wash our hands well to protect against Corona and save water for...
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