Scott Wilson Nepal for the last 13 years, the engineering unit of SWN has executed more than 50 projects in infrastructure development. Our core focus is to develop quality, reliable, sustainable, and resilient infrastructures that enable increasing access of the people and community to infrastructure services for the enhancement of their socio-economic activities. In doing so, SWN adopts a highly participatory approach working closely with the Local Governments and communities. 

Our competent areas of engineering services are:

  • Infrastructure programme design and management
  • Engineering assessment, monitoring and evaluation
  • Capacity building of Local Government institutions
  • Infrastructure Governance
  • Policy advocacy, development of guidelines and policies
  • Green infrastructure development with a focus on climate resilience
  • Nature-based solutions including bioengineering for community infrastructure development
  • Disaster response, including reconstruction
engineering services 1

Infrastructure Design and Implementation

Monitoring Assessment and Evaluation

Capacity Building

Infrastructure Governance