Nepal has now fully transitioned to the federalised structure with full and meaningful devolution of power and authority to local level (i.e. local governments) with provisions for resource creation, accountability and responsive service delivery. While early to make conclusive statements, the governance is sadly not very well managed so far. Now with Provincial Governments in place as of February 2018, it is fair to wait and see federalisation unfolds in Nepal.

For us, governance is about delivery of people’s developmental aspirations and reaching out to the poor and disadvantaged groups in an equitable manner. This requires commitment to quality and zero tolerances to corruption. This is possible through planned development and adherence to core values of social justice.

Our works, including preparation of planning documents and third party quality/outcome monitoring area dedicated to these values.

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Our experience in Governance

Scott Wilson Nepal has undertaken preparation of a number of periodic plans in a highly participatory manner and undertaken follow up visits to evaluate their applications and use in developing subsequent annual plans.

Our monitoring activities, on the other hand, are highly objective, fair and helpful in highlighting outcomes and addressing limitations.
Our related projects includes: