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The British Council

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Project Period

3rd Feb 2021 to 12th May 2021

blog project area

Project Area

Pokhara, Janakpur and Tulsipur

practice area

Practice Area

TEVT, Returnee Migrant, Public Information Campaigning

cross cutting

Cross Cutting Issues

Digital Evaluation, Public Information Campaigning, TVET, CTEVT

The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) developed and launched a Public Information Campaign (PIC) in February 2020 on “With Skills in Hand, Employability is a Chance” with technical support from Dakchyata, a project funded by the European Union and implemented by the British Council, supporting the development of Technical Education and Vocational Training (TVET) in Nepal.

The TVET PIC implementation activities designed for physical mode were later stopped due to the lockdown imposed by the Government of Nepal in response to the pandemic and a PIC in digital mode was conducted from July 2020 to October 2020.

Objectives of the assignment

Share information on the benefits of TVET to young people – students, returnee migrant workers, parents, and families

Link TVET employment opportunities and student aspirations to real jobs

Build CTEVT’s capacity on social media

Key activities and services by SWN

SWN was assigned by Dakchyata/British Council to evaluate the effectivess of the digital PIC and offer feedback and recommendations on the way forward. Some of the activities that the SWN undertook as part of this assignment included:

  • The evaluation of the output (delivery) of PIC interventions under four key standards: effectiveness, efficiency, relevancy, and sustainability of digital campaign.
  • Undertake KIIs with 20 relevant stakeholders, and digital analytics of social media platforms ie. Facebook.
  • Carry out analysis of three individual sets of data will be jointly assessed.
  • Undertake quantitative online survey through CTEVT’s Facebook Page using Google Forms. First 300 participants of the online survey will receive a mobile top-up of Rs.100 each.

 Outputs of the assignment

This evaluation report delivered to the British Council assesses the effectiveness of the PIC and creates recommendations for the CTEVT on a roadmap for future PICs.


Digital Evaluation, Public Information Campaigning, TVET, CTEVT