Study on Damage to Lives and Property from Road Accidents and Ways to Minimize them

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National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority (NDRRMA)

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Project Period

March to August 2022

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Project Area

All over Nepal on selected National Highway and Local Road sections

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Practice Area

Road and Access Infrastructure; Road Safety

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Service Area

Engineering Services 

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Cross Cutting Issues

DRR, Road Safety, Road Engineering Assessment, DRR Portal


NDRRMA assigned SWN to undertake the study to research and analyse the findings for the root causes of road crashes and related damages and identify actionable measures and propose policy-level improvement to reduce them.



The key objectives of the assignment are:

  1. Understand the underlying technical and engineering parameters contributing to road accidents in Nepal.
  2. Identify potential causes by evaluating the current trend of road accidents in Nepal.
  3. Develop a framework for data entry and data validation into the NDRRMA BIPAD portal.


In undertaking the assessment of the identified roads with a high level of crashes, SWN considered the technical/road engineering aspects of road development in Nepal. The following activities were carried out to meet the project activities.

  • Desk and literature review of road safety and road engineering-related national policies, guidelines, regulations, plans, and strategies.
  • Detailed engineering assessment of Mechi Highway, Karnali Highway, Chyama-Samjhana Road, and Bosan-Champadevi Road sections with frequent road crashes.
  • Review and analyse road crashes, their types, causes, and casualties over the last ten years.
  • Consultations with primary stakeholders for wider perspectives on road safety and engineering challenges.
  • BIPAD portal analysis and framework design.


  • Identified engineering issues and key factors leading to frequent road crashes.
  • Provided engineering and policy recommendations
  • Designed a framework for data entry and validation into the Building Information Platform against Disaster (BIPAD) portal.
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