Assessment of Environmental, Social And Quality Standards in the WFP Community Managed Small Infrastructure Projects (Phase IV)

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UN World Food Programme (WFP) Nepal

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Project Period

December 2011–May 2012

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Project Area

11 districts in Mid-Western and Far Western districts of Nepal

WFP Nepal supports small community based rural infrastructures in remote and food deficient areas in the country that are characterized by poor infrastructure base for sustained economic activities.  The number of schemes it supports is often more than 1000 per year.

Key Activities

SW Nepal was assigned to provide technical support to WFP to carry out the compliance assessment of quality, environment, social and health, and safety standards and technical audit stipulated for WFP small infrastructures developed under PRRO 200152.0.

Services Provided by SW Nepal

While undertaking this assignment, the team carried out assessment and monitoring of 108 schemes and technical audits of 12 schemes in 11 districts. The technical audit included review of design, quantity and cost estimation and final work done quantity of infrastructures.

Besides, the team also supported orientation programs at district level in 9 districts. The orientation program was carried out to provide additional information and clarity to the Cooperating Partners (CPs) staffs on project procedures that had to be followed to ensure quality.


  • Awareness on quality and associated standard procedures necessary to realize quality was established among WFP partners.
  • Capacity of the local NGOs and their staff was strengthened.
  • Documentation (e.g. survey and design works, Environmental Master Plans preparation) works associated with the development of infrastructure was improved.
  • A comprehensive WFP Technical Guideline on small infrastructure design and management was prepared for application/use by implementing partners.