Assessment of tourism infrastructure in Ruby Valley and seed stores in three districts of Nepal

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Project Period

November – December 2018

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Project Area

  • Tourism Infrastructure: Ruby Valley
  • Seed Stores: Makawanpur; Tanahun, Lamjung

Samarth Nepal, a DFID funded rural market development programme, had supported development of a number of infrastructures from 2014 to 2016 for a number of small-holders farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs as well as those in tourism sector.
This assignment for IOD PARC, UK, was designed to undertake a review of the status of selected infrastructures 2-4 years on from their construction. The objective was to carry out physical assessment of status and functionality of the infrastructure created through this project.

Objectives of The Assignment

The main objective of the assignment was as follows:

  • To access the quality of design, construction, workmanship of infrastructure
  • To determine process of operation and maintenance of infrastructure
  • To determine tentative amount of cost required for maintenance where necessary
  • To access the functionality and usability of the infrastructure
  • To identify prevailing issues of the project activities and provide adequate recommendations

SWN was assigned for engineering and social assessment of the tourism and agriculture infrastructures created through this project in project districts. The assignment covered assessment of trails, Trail Bridge, porter shelter, view point and seed storage facilities.

Key Activities and Services Provided by SW Nepal

SW Nepal carried out the following activities as part of the assignment:

  • Review of existing designs and drawings and relevant documents of individual schemes and verified construction works, project implementation process as per specified engineering standards and governance practices.
  • Undertook a field visit to the site and conducted qualitative assessment of the infrastructures and social assessments through consultations with key informants.


The following are the key deliverables from the assignment:

  • Detailed checklist based report on engineering process and quality of 15 seed stores, 2 trails, 2 trail bridges, 1 porter’s shade and 1 view point tower.
  • Report on functionality and usability of the infrastructures.
  • Recommendations on estimated cost and approach for replacement, reconstruction and regular operation and maintenance of the community assets.