Damage level assessment of community infrastructures in Ladagada and Pokhari VDCs

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UN World Food Programme (UNWFP) Nepal

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Project Period

May 2014 to June 2014

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Project Area

Ladagada and Pokhari VDCs of Doti

cross cutting

Cross Cutting Issues

UN WFP Nepal has been providing support, in partnership with Good Neighbors International (GNI), for the development of community-owned small assets such as irrigation canals, irrigation ponds, drinking water supplies, etc in Ladagada and Pokhari VDCs of Doti district. These infrastructures building activities are designed to support to livelihood improvement of the communities of these VDCs.

Objective and Services provided by SW Nepal

The main objective of this technical assessment study was to document the current status of the assets; assess the quality of design, use levels, quantity and cost of the damage; to assess the extent of maintenance support that these schemes might require to maintain a desirable level of asset functionality and usability; and the ultimate ownership of these assets by the user communities.

In order to achieve the objectives, SW Nepal technical team carried out following activities:

  • Field visits to 40 schemes in total.
  • Preliminary consultations with the communities on the type of use and their feedback on performance of the schemes.
  • Assessment and documentation of level of damage incurred.
  • Analysis of the damage and repair needs.
  • Preparation of chainage and item-wise quantities, rates and overall cost disaggregated into materials, unskilled and skilled person days required.
  • Identification and proposal of additional long term measures for users to adopt in order to reduce further damage of the scheme and for sustainability of schemes.