Detailed Feasibility Study of Bio-gas Production in Urban Housing Projects in Kathmandu

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Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC), Ministry of Environment

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Project Period

February 2012 to May 2012

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Project Area

Kathmandu (14 housing projects)

Alternative Energy Promotion Centre explored various potential sectors where biogas could be developed to replace the conventional cooking fuels. It aimed to widen the usage of biogas within the country so as to reduce the dependency on imported fuels such as LPG. In this context, AEPC recognized Urban Housing Projects as a potential area for biogas production. The sector broadly comprised over 125 completed and under construction housing complexes. This study was carried out as a part of its initiative to develop a better understanding of realizing APEC’s objective.


This study was carried out as a part of its initiative to develop a better understanding of how this objective can be realized.

Services provided by SW Nepal

SW Nepal conducted feasibility study of bio-gas production in 14 selected housing projects in Kathmandu valley. Based on the objective of the study, the study team prepared two categories of questionnaires:
a) for pre-feasibility study
b) for detailed feasibility study

The quantitative data was collected to analyze and figure out technical and financial feasibility for the bio-gas production. The team also carried out extensive consultations with housing projects to know their willingness in adopting bio-gas technology. During the study process, a bio-gas information brochure was developed and distributed among identified housing projects. Further, SW Nepal performed the cost benefit analysis of the bio-gas installations with comparison to the present use of fuel.


The study resulted in the identification of housings where bio-gas production is feasible from all aspects. SW Nepal recommended those potential housing projects to APEC.