Endline Assessment of Protect, Tracking, Education and Transformation (ProTECT) project in Nepal

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Global Insight

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Project Period

September, 2023 – November 30th, 2023 (40 days)

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Project Area

Sunsari, Makwanpur, and Banke, Nepal

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Practice Area

Child and human trafficking

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Cross Cutting Issues

Gender Equality And Social Inclusion



Prevention, Tracking, Education, and Transformation (ProTEcT) is a multi-year comprehensive project to stop child and human trafficking in Nepal, run by Plan International Nepal and Plan India.  The main goals of the project are to work alongside children, families and communities in Nepal to strengthen prevention mechanisms against child trafficking, improve the repatriation process and support the safe reintegration of survivors. In Nepal project is started from January 2019 and ending on December 2023. The project is being implemented in Sunsari, Makwanpur, and Banke districts of Nepal. Banke and Sunsari share their borders with India making them prone to human trafficking.

Since 2021, SWN is a Local Research Partner for Global Insight (https://www.g-insight.org/), US for the Baseline and Endline Evaluation of the project. In the Endline/ Final evaluation, SWN is supporting Global Sight, through data collection for with the objective to measure the impact of the project over its lifetime, and, where possible, identify the causal mechanisms driving that impact.



The purpose of this evaluation is to assess the performance of the project by capturing project achievements, lessons learned, challenges, and best practices to inform future similar programming. Specifically, relevance, coherence, effectiveness, impact, sustainability and gender and inclusion.

SWN is assigned to conduct qualitative endline data collection through participatory mapping, in-depth interviews (IDI) and key informant interviews (KII) from the selected districts.


SWN research team undertook the following activities:

  • Participated in the data collection training and piloted tools in Banke district in support of Global Insight
  • Carried out 6 participatory mapping with a total of 60 children’s, 20 IDIs with families and 20 KIIs in Banke, Sunsari and Makawanpur.
  • Prepared preliminary finding reports and transcription of all KIIs and IDIs


Outputs of the project are as follows:

  • Preliminary finding reports for each districts
  • Transcription of all 20 KIIs and 20 IDIS
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Focus Group Discussion with youth in Nepalgunj, Banke (Photo credit: SWN)


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KII with Women Development Officer at Municipality office, Nepalgunj, Banke (Photo credit: SWN)