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atmosfair GmbH, Germany

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Project Period

December 2019 to June 2020

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Project Area

Langtang Trek area, Rasuwa

service area

Service Area

cross cutting

Cross Cutting Issues

Eco-friendly, Energy efficiency, Thermal comfort, Renewable Energy Technologies, Water and Waste management, Architecture, Engineering survey, Retrofit, Tourism

Climate Trek Nepal (CTN) is an interdisciplinary project initiative to promote eco-tourism through reconstruction of eco-lodges following the 2015 earthquake. CTN started with building back better (BBB) the tourism business of Helambu with support to enhance climate resiliency and comfort tourism features to the lodges being rebuilt, and has now resulted in additional income generation for the lodge owners.

In the same spirit but with location specific measures in place, atmosfair have choose Langtang Trek Region for its intervention. atmosfair also would like to support sustainable and environment friendly tourism in other potential areas of Nepal.

Overall Objectives

The initiative ‘Climate Trek Nepal’ aims to establish comfort eco-tourism in a series of trekking paths in Nepal. These paths include resource efficient and environmental friendly options for accommodation, board, transportation and other services to international and national trekkers. The project further provides support for reconstruction and access to renewable energy technologies to lodges, old age home and community building.

Key Activities and Services Provided by SW Nepal

atmosfair has partnered with SWN for architectural and engineering services to this project. The key activities of SWN is to complete the engineering assessment and design of the selective lodges in the Langtang trek to make them earthquake resilient and align them with atmosfair’s standards. SWN provides guidance to construct eco-friendly, sustainable and earthquake resilient lodges equipped with technologies to make them energy efficient, Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) based and comfortable to stay. SWN also supervises the construction works both new and retrofit construction in the project area.


SW Nepal with its young and enthusiastic engineers provided its services in engineering design, system designs and cost estimates of 8 lodges, 1 health post, 1 old age home and 1 community center including their renewable energy technologies, water and waste systems.

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