Engineering Consultancy on Climate Trek Helambu


Atmosfair GmbH, Germany

Project Period

June 2017 to January 2018

Project Area

Helambu Region

The 2015 Gorkha earthquake destroyed thousands of houses. One of the district that was severely affected by the earthquake was Sindupalchowk. Located towards the eastern part of Sindhupalchowk district, Helambu is a region of highland villages about 80km from Kathmandu and around 3000m in altitude. More than 3000 people in the village were affected by the earthquake as almost all houses were destroyed. The earthquake badly affected the tourism and consequently the livelihoods of the residents.


The initiative ‘Climate Trek Nepal’ aims to establish a series of trekking paths in Nepal. These paths include resource efficient and environmental friendly options for accommodation, board, transportation and other services to international and national trekkers. The project further provides support for reconstruction and access to renewable energy technologies to lodges, schools and health posts affected by the 2015 Gorkha earthquake.

Key Activities

In ‘Climate Trek Nepal’ project, SW Nepal supports atmosfair with the engineering and technical support in reconstruction of tourism infrastructure in 7 villages in Helambu, i.e. Sermathang, Tarkeghyang, Melamchi, Thare Pati, Kutumsang, Mangengoth and Chipling. These interventions are designed to revive tourism after the earthquakes of 2015. The project will work together with management of 14 lodges, 2 Schools and 2 Health Posts that receive support of technical expertise and low interest loans for reconstructions and subsidies for renewable energy technologies.

Services Provided by SW Nepal

SW Nepal provides its services in engineering design, system designs and cost assessments for renewable energy technologies, water and waste systems. This includes guidance on energy and water efficiency measures in lodges, schools and health posts. Initial project activity was to undertake need assessment of lodges schools and health posts. These assessments covered energy supply, water supply, waste management or waste water treatment.

Key engineering service that S.W. Nepal provides for this project is civil engineering support to lodge owners. This includes integration and implementation of engineering measures into the existing architectural design proposal of lodges, schools and health posts. There is also close coordination with lodge owners on the technical guidance for all engineering activities as well as on sustainable systems for energy/water/waste management.

S.W. Nepal additionally supports the programme with various trainings to the lodge owners on the usage and maintenance of RET equipment, water supply and waste facilities. They are also trained on water treatment, waste water treatment and efficient energy management.