Evaluation and Field Verification of NGOs As Regional Service Centers- NRREP

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Alternative Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC), Ministry of Environment

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Project Period

January 2013 to June 2013

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Project Area

24 districts of Nepal

Government of Nepal established AEPC in 1996 to develop and promote renewable energy technologies in Nepal. AEPC currently executes its programs and projects under a single programme modality framework known as National Rural and Renewable Energy Programme (NRREP).

Key activities

The NRREP envisages Regional Service Centers (RSCs) to have significant role in coordination of the local implementation of NRREP as service providers. In the past, role of RSCs supported by AEPC/ESAP in various parts of the country has also been pivotal in facilitating its program activities. RSCs’ geographic coverage under AEPC/NRREP extends nationwide and is set to cover all the 75 districts.
In order to select the RSCs, AEPC invited applications from NGOs nationwide providing a broad guideline on what is expected from the RSC. Accordingly, around 50 NGOs submitted their applications with detailed information on their capabilities and experience.

Services provided by SW Nepal

In this high-profile assignment, SW Nepal reviewed applications of 50 NGOs across the country to select the best 10 to serve as RSCs of AEPC so that they can carry out local service delivery functions at the regional level in developing renewable energy technologies across the country. This comprehensive exercise entailed development of indicators and scoring approach and organizational assessment criteria for short listing and field verification and evaluation of applicant NGOs. With the help of this indicators and criteria, SW Nepal team undertook series of institutional, organizational, technical and communication skills evaluation and verification of 30 shortlisted NGOs in 24 districts. Moreover, the team also assessed the proposed RSC catchments and the appropriateness of proposed RSC headquarters.