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Governance Facility

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Project Period

July 2018 to August 2018

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Project Area


The Governance Facility (GF) was established in August 2014 and provided technical and financial support to state and government institutions, national and international NGOs, and other partners to address governance challenges in Nepal in support of three donors; The Embassies of Denmark, Switzerland and DFID. With GF’s closing on December 2018, GF seeks to measure the effectiveness of the programmes which was designed to support relevant state/government institutions, organized civil society, the private sector and other social institutions to strengthen them as drivers of change to respond effectively to governance challenges. For this, GF commissioned a survey to contribute to a collective process of learning lessons.


To analyse the survey responses of 29 GF partners and produce a synthesized report highlighting major findings and drawing lessons that can be useful in future programs and partnerships.

Services Provided by SW Nepal

SW Nepal carried out the following activities to meet the assignment’s objectives.

  • Detailed study of filled survey questionnaires sent by GF partners
  • Followed up with all organisations to obtain clear and complete information from the survey
  • Entered responses into MS Excel to produce necessary charts and figures

Analyzed descriptive responses through qualitative techniques


SW Nepal delivered a comprehensive final evaluation report with highlighting major findings and drawing lessons for future programs and partnerships.