Expert Advice on Slope Stabilization of PRE-FAB Health Facilities Sites Constructed By GIZ-RPN Project in Nuwakot

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GIZ-Recovery Programme Nepal

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December 2016 to February 2017

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Cross Cutting Issues

More than 8000 people died on 25 April 2015, after an earthquake of 7.8 Richter Scale struck in Nepal, and more than 60 000 people were injured. Millions of people were left homeless as more than 600 000 houses were damaged. The second big earthquake of 12 May rendered thousands more people without shelter.

Key activities

In response to this, GIZ-RPN constructed 34 pre-fab health facilities and retrofitting of 3 health facilities. The construction sites for constructing health posts were prepared after leveling the ground including earth cutting. There were some sites vulnerable to landslides due to the earthquake or monsoon. Due to the hillside slopes, four health facilities constructed at Nuwakot district required slope stabilization.

Services provided by SW Nepal

In this context, GIZ assigned SW Nepal to provide expert advice on slope stabilization measures on pre-fab health facility sites including training sub-engineers/local communities to implement them. In the undertaking of this assignment, SW Nepal carried out field visits for detailed assessment on the causes, severity, and dimension of the landslides of the sites followed by community consultation in order to identify the ground reality of the sites. The team provided recommendations on practical, cost-effective and environment friendly site-specific slope stabilization and enhancement measures. Additionally, the team prepared design, quantity and cost estimate for slope stabilization including bioengineering measures.
SWN also mobilized the experienced team to impart training for sub-engineers and local communities to implement measures of slope stabilization.