Final Evaluation of Urban Disaster Risk Management Project

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Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS)

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Project Period

5 August to 25 September 2021

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Project Area

Birendranagar, Surkhet


Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS)’s lead the Urban Disaster Risk Management (UDRM) Project in partnership with Birendranagar Municipality (BNM), Environment Development Society (EDS- Local Ngo) and NRCS Surkhet District Chapter (DC) from October 2017 to December 2020 in 16 wards of Birendranagar Municipality. The project was extended until June 2021 due to the impact of COVID-19. The expected impact of the project was to reduce the urban disaster risks in Birendranagar Municipality. The project aimed to build community capacity supporting DRM planning, preparedness, risk mitigation, plan/policy advocacy and capacity development activities at community, school, wards, municipality and NRCS District Chapter level.


NRCS assigned SWN to undertake the final evaluation focused on system strengthening, Empowerment & Institutional capacity and Partnership Modality. The other specific objective as highlighted below:

  • To elaborate the evidence of the established community DRM system that consists of a sustainable mechanism for continuity with required linkages to prevailing government policies.
  • To examine and collect facts and testimony on the effectiveness of the multi-partner project management approach
  • To recommend improvement consideration for the future program


SWN applied both quantitative and qualitative study tools in undertaking the assignment involving the following activities:

  • Developed and finalized the required tools for Final Evaluation in close coordination with project partners as well as the staff team.
  • Administered 280 questionnaire surveys in wards 4,5,6,7,8 and 12 of Birendranagar Municipality through 6 enumerators
  • Carried out FGDs with WDMC in wards 5, 6, and 8 of intensive intervened ward and ward 11 from light intervened ward.
  • 8 KIIs and 3 consultation meetings with the stakeholders
  • Prepare and share a final report using a mutually agreed format to the Department of NRCS and project partners as per the ToR.


This evaluation report delivered to the NRCS and SRC assessed the Relevance, Coherence, Efficiency, Effectiveness, Impact and Sustainability of the project in context to the multiple-partner participatory project management approach and recommend improvement consideration for future programming. 

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