Gender Analysis and Action Plan -Asia’s Linear Infrastructure safeGuarding Nature (ALIGN)

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Asia’s Linear Infrastructure safeGuarding Nature (ALIGN) Project /  World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Nepal 

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Project Period

January to February  2022

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Project Area

Nepal, India and Mongolia 

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Practice Area

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI), Linear Infrastructures (LI)

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Cross Cutting Issues

Gender Action Plan (GAP), Asia’s Linear Infrastructure safeGuarding Nature (ALIGN), Marginalized and Vulnerable Groups, Indigenous Peoples and Women, Climate Change 


Scott Wilson Nepal was awarded the Gender Analysis and Action Plan –Asia’s Linear Infrastructure safeGuarding Nature (ALIGN) by WWF/Nepal. This project aims to enhance the development and implementation of effective, high-quality safeguard measures to avoid, lessen and/or mitigate adverse impacts from linear infrastructure development on people and natural resources in Asia, targeting transportation- and energy-related linear infrastructure.

SWN facilitated the project with a dedicated professional team to develop a Gender Action Plan (GAP) to contribute to shaping the annual work plans, reporting, and activity MEL plan of the overall LI project cycle.


The key objective of this assignment was to develop a Gender Action Plan based on gender analysis. Specific objectives were to:

  • Develop common understanding and build capacity among SNRS stakeholders on GESI dimensions of LI development including relevant safeguards systems and processes
  • Prepare operational strategies for enhancing the capacity of Indigenous Peoples, women and vulnerable groups for meaningful engagement in LI development cycle including effective implementation of safeguards measures
  • Support development of affirmative advocacy efforts for addressing GESI concerns during the review of existing and formulation of new policy frameworks related to LI development

SWN applied qualitative and quantitative subject-oriented processes and activities to understand and capture the perspectives and inclusion issues. The key activities SWN undertook included:

  • Desk review of reports, policies review (3 countries- Nepal, India and Mongolia).
  • KII with experts and consultations with selected staff members, representatives of government, private sector, and international financial institutions across three countries.
  • Focus Group Discussion with the community people affected by the road construction process in the WWF project site (Butwal-Narayanghat Highway).
  • Questionnaire survey with stakeholders
  • Close discussions (10) with important stakeholders.
  • Interaction/workshop to share, generate inputs and finalize the draft Gender Action Plan
  • Carried out Gender Analysis 
  • Developed Gender Action Plan for ALIGN project 



Photo Source: Scott Wilson Nepal, 2022