Homeowner Support Project in Ramechhap

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Embassy of Switzerland (SDC)

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Project Period

March 2017 to February 2018

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Project Area

Manthali-6 (Chisapani), Manthali 11-12, Gelu, Likhu-1 (Duragaun) Likhu-6, (Khimti) and Manthali-3 (Kathajor) in Ramechhap

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Service Areas

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Cross Cutting Areas

The 2015 Gorkha earthquake was disastrous which claimed a lot of lives and set back Nepal’s development by at least 10 years, according to experts. SDC has been providing technical support to the affected house owners with a focus on earthquake resilient buildings. Ramechhap was one of the 14 districts that were highly affected by the earthquake. SW Nepal has been assigned by SDC to implement the pilot phase of the Immediate Technical Support to Home Owners (ITSHO) in 6 wards – Manthali-6 (Chisapani), Manthali 11-12, Gelu, Likhu-1 (Duragaun) Likhu-6, (Khimti) and Manthali-3 (Kathajor) in Ramechhap in Ramechhap district contributing to Build Back Better and Safer efforts.


This program complements the Government of Nepal’s ongoing reconstruction program by providing close technical supervision to comply with minimum engineering requirements and also providing quality assurance in house constructions.

Key Activities

The program also facilitates the house owners in governmental procedures for tranches. This chosen approach is considered to be the pilot phase.

Services Provided by SW Nepal

SW Nepal is responsible for providing technical support for this project. Firstly, the needs of the house owners are identified using ODK based surveys. Technical expertise is also provided to the house owners in selection of safe house location and clearance of the site. Furthermore, the house owners are also guided on appropriate construction materials and design selection. Even for buildings under construction, S.W. Nepal provides door to door supervision. Regardless of the quality of designs, a house cannot be strong if it is not built accordingly which requires good construction practices among masons and other construction workers. Hence, S.W. Nepal also provides hands-on training to masons, carpenters and steel workers involved in private housing construction. House owners and skilled workers are also instructed to uphold the quality of work during construction to ensure strong houses.

Besides these, S.W. Nepal also provides services to the house owners by coordinating with authorities and providing various documents to DUDBC engineers. This is done throughout the house construction phase in plinth area approval, temporary approval of the house and final approval of the house. House owners are also assisted in preparation of documents while obtaining tranche from government.