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USAID-Tayar Nepal

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Project Period

May 31, 2021 to November 30, 2021

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Project Area

Bhimeshwor Municipality, Dolakha

practice area

Practice Area

DRR, Eco-Tourism

service area

Service Area

Engineering Services 

cross cutting

Cross Cutting Issues

Landslides, Slope Stabilization, Bio-Engineering, Ecotourism. 

Landslide remains one of the most frequently occurring disasters in Nepal. The fragile geology, high-intensity rainfall, and near-constant yearly flooding of major rivers make the districts in the hilly region highly susceptible to landslides. In this context, Tayar Nepal project ‘Landslide Mitigation and Ecotourism Infrastructure Works’ seeks to construct appropriate infrastructures to mitigate the risks of landslide and develop a sustainable infrastructure to promote ecotourism at Bhimeshwor Municipality of Dolakha District. The primary purpose of this activity is to promote affordable and sustainable approaches to mitigate the impacts of landslides while also establishing sustainable enterprises for the promotion of ecotourism, creating job opportunities, and supporting disaster-resilient technologies.

SWN was assigned to undertake the construction of the physical infrastructures and provide in-depth training to the municipal engineers on Bio-Engineering techniques. SWN is also responsible for developing suitable training for the promotion of Ecotourism as well as creating job opportunities while supporting local enterprise development.

Key activities and services by SWN

Some of the activities that the SWN undertook as part of this assignment included:

  • Revised the design drawings provided by the Tayar Nepal’s team while remaining in consultation with the Third-Party review team to ensure safety against various factors induced by the on-site condition.
  • Undertake the construction work (in partnership with a contractor) of the retaining structure to ensure slope stabilization, and foot trails and picnic spots to promote ecotourism.
  • Provide in-depth training to the municipal engineers on various techniques of Bio-Engineering and low-cost engineering.
  • Provide training to the MSMEs (in partnership with local NGO) on the sustainable development plans, agroforestry and techniques to promote ecotourism

 Outputs of the assignment

The project was designed under Tayar Nepal’s “Improved Disaster Risk Management Project” that sought to strengthen the capacity of Nepal’s national and municipal institutions responsible for disaster preparedness and response. The construction of the Gabion-retaining structures in combination with Bio-Engineering techniques ensured the stabilization of the landslide-prone slope at Bhimeshwor Municipality.

Moreover, the construction of foot trails and picnic spots along with the various training that were provided to the MSMEs helped to promote ecotourism and local enterprise development.


Landslides, Slope Stabilization, Bio-Engineering, Ecotourism. 

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