Mapping of CPA and current projects/ programs supporting its implementation in Nepal

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EU support to Nepal Peace Trust Fund (NPTF)

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February 2014 to May 2014

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Nepal Peace Trust Fund (NPTF), a Joint Government-Donor instrument set up by the Government of Nepal (GoN) under the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction (MoPR), has played a major role in the implementation of the CPA and supporting the peace process. NPTF is currently working towards formulation of a new strategy to replace its existing strategic directions and implementation agreement which has expired.


As part of this strategic formulation work, the objective of this assignment was to carry out mapping of two key aspects of peace process:
a) the areas of priority interventions envisaged by Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) and subsequent peace agreements with different political parties as well as groups, and
b) recent peace building projects supported by NPTF and key development partners (DP).

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The study was carried out to contribute to developing a single big picture of the peace process priorities and the initiatives that
were supported to meet the commitments set out by CPA and other agreements.

The mapping process was carried out in different stages. For mapping of CPA and Related Agreements, content analysis of the 49 agreements which were felt to be important and representative of the CPA spirit and study of developments in the peace process was undertaken.

Similarly, for mapping of peace initiatives, the study team developed a project information sheet of an agreed format and fields, including detailed instructions and circulated to the DPs or funding agencies for them to provide relevant information.


The study was able to review the CPA and other peace agreements and summarise their key areas and elements of priority, connect them with the series of peace projects supported by NPTF and DPs and provide an overview of focus and gaps of peace projects. A detailed database of peace initiatives and their areas of focus was also developed. With the extent of information available through this study, the study can contribute to better understanding of the level of focus or gaps in responding to the peace agreements with peace projects.