On the job training to Technical Staff of Humla District for the construction of Simkot-Kharpunath Road

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Decentralized Rural Infrastructure and Livelihood Project-Additional Financing (DRILP-AF)

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4 November 2016 to 25 November 2016

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Government of Nepal (GoN) through Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development and its Department of Local Infrastructure Development and Agricultural Roads (DoLIDAR) executed the Decentralized Rural Infrastructure and Livelihood Project-Additional Financing (DRILP-AF) funded by ADB, OFID, SDC and GoN in 18 remote hill and mountain districts of Nepal.


The assignment objective was to impart essential basic engineering survey and design skills among the district DRILP-AF engineering team for District Road Core Network (DRCN) survey, design and layout in difficult mountain terrain.

Services provided by SW Nepal

S. W. Nepal Pvt. Ltd. carried out a 22-day classroom and field based training on the use of advanced survey instruments for detailed engineering surveys, software based road design and in laying out of this design in the difficult mountainous terrain profile of Humla. DRILP-AF team and its Cooperating Partner (CP) engineering team members participated in the training event.
The services provided by SW Nepal included:

  • Preparation of training materials and classroom based orientation on the field level road construction activities. This included road alignment setting, curve setting, line and level setting for road and structures, etc.
  • Undertaking of on-the-job (ONJ) field based training on how to handle and use advanced survey instruments, design and lay the design in the field ensuring proper curves, gradients and structures.


The intensive engineering training on mountain road survey and design for the construction of DRCN resulted in enhanced capacity of DRILP-AF engineering team in Humla district on the use of advanced engineering survey instruments (e.g. Total Station TS) in engineering survey, software-based design and layout of road infrastructure in difficult mountain terrains.