Poverty Environment Initiative (PEI) Programme Framework Preparation

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UNDP Nepal

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Project Period

July 2009 to November 2009

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Service Area

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Cross Cutting Issues

 Climate Change, Environment and Conservation

PEI is an integrated effort of UNDP and UNEP which focuses on promoting change in institutions, policies, programmes and in-vestments by mainstreaming poverty and environmental issues into national plans, sec-toral strategies, environmental policies, eco-nomic decision making and sub-national planning. The design of PEI for Nepal recog-nizes the growing link between environment and poverty that impact the health, livelihoods and vulnerability of poor people in Nepal.


This project was commissioned primarily to support the UNDP-UNEP in the design of the Preparatory Phase Framework that included an approach to work with the national and local government institutions, grassroot or-ganizations and wider rural communities who actually interact with the nature. The devel-oped framework has been supplemented with a work plan and budgetary framework to support PEI activities.

Services provided by SW Nepal

In undertaking this project, SW Nepal carried out the following activities:

  • Reviewed policies, programmes and en-vironmental issues to be addressed by PEI.
  • Reviewed RRFs and AWPs of 2009 pro-jects/programmes including LGCDP, REDP, MEDEP, WTLCP, CSUWN, NAPA
  • Organized workshops and stakeholder meetings (NPC, MLD, LGCDP, ICIMOD etc.).
  • Awareness creation, capacity and part-nership building of local and national bodies.
  • Field visits to DDCs and VDCs.
  • Prepared project concept report, indica-tive framework document, annual work-plan, draft and final programme frame-work of PEI.


The outcome of the assignment was exten-sive deliberations on how PEI can link with LGCDP and with National Planning Commis-sion to enable impacts and results achieved through good governance programmes such as LGCDP to influence policy making at the NPC level. The PEI is now a partner initiative working closely with LGCDP and NPC.