Preparation of District Periodic Plan for Jajarkot district

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Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

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Project Period

November 2014 to April 2015

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Project Area

Jajarkot, Mid-Western Development Region of Nepal

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Cross Cutting Issues

Jajarkot is known as the most remote district in Bheri zone in mid-western region of Nepal. The district has a very poor HDI of 0.393 and ranks 68 out of 75 districts in terms of poverty. Its district headquarters, Khalanga, is connected to the national road network by Chhinchu-Jajarkot road but overall, the accessibility to and in the district is very poor.

Periodic District Development Plan, (PDDP) broadly, is a planning document with a long-term vision and periodic goals with sectoral priorities, potentials, results, and indicative budgetary provisions within a planning framework. It is a set of development guidelines to achieve vision-based district development.


In undertaking this assignment, SW Nepal provided technical support to the Jajarkot DDC in the development of a five-year PDDP.
A team of planners and sectoral experts worked in close collaboration with the DDC in development of the Plan. In overall, SW Nepal carried out the assignment following a series of activities summarized below: