Services to the Environmental, Social and Resettlement Due Diligence program for the Nepal Compact -AECOM, June2016 to April 2017 (Base year)

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Project Period

June 2016 – April 2017

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Project Area


The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) has contracted AECOM (the Lead Contractor) to assist with environmental and social due diligence in the development and execution of transmission line projects that will be supporting the Nepal Compact Program.
This includes providing two key types of services


This includes providing two key types of ser-vices
i) To provide advice to the US-based MCC team on environmental and social due dili-gence, and
ii) To support MCC in providing technical as-sistance to the Nepal teams who are prepar-ing the projects and who will be responsible for compliance with Nepal’s national envi-ronmental and social laws and regulations and MCC environmental and social guide-lines which incorporate the IFC Performance Standards.

Services provided by SW Nepal

In this context, SW Nepal was contracted as a local partner to AECOM to support them with the two above mentioned tasks.
This mainly included providing two types of ser-vices to the AECOM environmental and social due diligence international core team :
i) Subject matter support e.g. secondary data collection; review and documentation of data and information, setting up and participation in meetings with key stakeholders, compila-tion of meeting notes; interpretation during field visits and other tasks as deemed neces-sary, and
ii) Logistics support such as travel and ac-commodation arrangements for the core team, providing work and meeting space and related facilities, office supplies (including printing) and IT requirements etc.